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April 2006.  Ron has just announced he has sold his British Seagull business to Charles. Lots of British Seagull parts and motors and all other nautical things too!  Worth a look. also links to other sites that side of the pond! I wish Charles well and trust many will find him via this link, saves the postage from the UK if you are his side of the pond!



The British Seagull Shop is now sold. The sale was completed on March 24/06 to Charles A. Stearns of Washington State.

Charles is an experienced boater, a seagull owner and has excellent technical skills in addition to a friendly, easy going personality. I'm pleased that he has purchased the business and that British Seagull UK has approved Charles as an Authorized Stockist of British Seagull Parts.

UPDATE APRIL 10,06 We are experiencing some delays in getting the inventory transferred to Charles in Seattle. Hopefully we can get this done in the next week or so and continue to transfer the website and email etc. In the meantime I will continue to assist in the transfer of the business and help with any email enquiries you may have. 

UPDATE Apr 13.06 Things are moving well now and I have just received my spares order from England so am filling all back ordered invoices at this time. Also Charles will be picking up the inventory on April 17/18 so will be set up in Seattle a few days after that. 

 Thanks! Ron Battiston - Authorized Stockist (retired)- British Seagull Spares


September 2009 I have heard that the shop has closed down.. where Charles went with all the spares no one seems to know. shame.


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