U.K. Dealers.

I am aware that many of my customers like to deal with a person, face to face, so arrange to visit me. However although I do most of my business by post, there are some in far corners that are too far away from me for that, and who would like to deal with a ‘local’ man. To this end, some years ago I started to make a list of all those I knew for ‘British Seagull, sadly it is now out of date again, so I am trying to update it.

Below is a small list, of those I have found that still actively supply parts and servicing ‘British Seagull’ motors.

Some of these dealers have web sites and if we have swapped links, their web sites can be accessed direct. Others will just appear as names, addresses and telephone numbers. I hope to add more links as this site develops.  If you find that a dealer you use is not listed, please let me know. Conversely if one drops out I would like to keep the list valid, so e-mail me with details.

John Williams.



boathouse Ludham Bridge 

LUDHAM BRIDGE SERVICES in the heart of the Norfolk Broads.  Robert Paul can be contacted via the website or by mobile 07768 108818. He can no longer supply Seagull parts as he has sold out to SOS, but he can do servicing locally.


LYNX ENGINEERING  Was based in the Isle of Wight, though I have since heard they do not have an extensive stock and their web site has failed? anyone update me on this? July 2011, only working 2 days a week and spares seem to have dwindled to nowt...

dulas boatyard

Dulas Boat yard  West Wales has some parts, www.dulasboats.co.uk

British Seagull parts of Clacton, Essex, has a website still  www.seagullparts.co.uk   he has packed up though and is diverting customers to SOS.  November 2011, Peter is now assisting me with the website/Forum.  We have thoughts of adding parts of his site to SOS.

THE OLD BOAT & GARDEN MACHINERY COMPANY. For servicing and Repairs to British Seagulls in the Worcs area. Not heard anything recently about this firm... 2011.

Speak to :-

 Stewart Mansell-Shelton32 Dale RoadRiversideRedditchWorcsB98 8HJTel:01527 60920Mobile:0791 304 9392 Or via email:oldbg@yahoo.co.uk


 David Spirett... www.landrovermad.co.uk  David is a Land Rover Dealer in York, but in days of yore exported Landrovers and British Seagulls all over the globe. He still is a Landrover Dealer and this is a link to his site. no mention of British Seagulls on it, but he does still supply parts and has a stock of spares, may do servicing too  

Come on there must be some other dealers in the UK who do not mind a bit of free advertising, surely? If you know of a good British Seagull spares outlet, let me know and I will speak to them..... Why are they shy? well I now know there are at least a dozen repair and service agents for British Seagull, up and down the country. these are proper companies doing a good job, they buy parts from me, but they say they are swamped with local British Seagull owners and do not wish to advertise for more work. Fair enough. From Ramsgate to the west country, from Norfolk to Scotland and Wales, they are everywhere. I have also heard from as many more who do servicing for friends and acquaintances on an 'ad hoc' basis, but they are not running a business and do not let the tax man know, so understandably they do not wish to advertise their services here.