which Seagull is this?

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which Seagull is this?

Post by 1charan »

Hi all,

This came up on the local version of ebay. Is it worth anything, like worth saving? The advert says it's a non-runner. Tomorrow I happen to be in the neighbourhood.

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Re: which Seagull is this?

Post by pat777 »

I wish all the non runners that I've bought looked as good as that, so I'd say definitely go for it! This is very unusual behaviour your displaying, usually once a man has bought one seagull outboard, he must buy another to keep the first one company immediately and so on it goes until you're surrounded by the bloody things. I admire your ability to be selective with your purchases.

The way I look at it is, if it is seized and it is not possible to free it up, then you have a lot of spare parts and usually another non runner will crop up and then you get to make one good outboard out of the two previous non runners, unless they both have the same problem of course.

For the condition that one is in, I would be surprised if it needs much doing to it at all. I guess it comes down to price and what the seller is looking for it. To me (I'm only new to seagulls), it looks like a century of some description with a clutch and electronic ignition. Hopefully somebody who knows more will confirm the exact model etc. If it was for sale here in Ireland, I would want to get it for about €60 as a non runner, other lads would probably pay up to €100. Do you have the engine code, that's the best way to decipher the year of manufacture etc.

Good luck with it,

Cheers Pat
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Re: which Seagull is this?

Post by headdownarseup »

hi icharan

yes as Pat has just mentioned, this motor is basically an updated version of a silver century.
actually its a model 75 with forward and neutral gears. 2.5-1 ratio.
be careful with that steel tank because they can rust internally but still fairly easy to fix.
good engine really for what they are. can push a boat up to around 16/18 foot happily all day.
not that many were made so worth restoring i think.

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