Marston- To Break or not To Break

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Adrian Dale
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Re: Marston- To Break or not To Break

Post by Adrian Dale »

Hey Rene, Don't let the bastards get you down... I for one love reading about your exploits and the Magic of the Marston's. Coming from Australia, with a hide like a rhinoceros, I have no truck for abusive PM's.. just hit 'delete' and move on. For you to leave the forum and deprive others of your enthusiasm and knowledge over some small minded rant would be a disaster.

Re the strip or preserve I would probably get one engine running preserving the remains for another project after all who knows what's out there, and any way you can always transfer the parts back if a serviceable block presents itself in the future.

Take heart form all the kind posts of support, no one wants you to leave and the forum would be all the poorer for your loss

Best regards AJ
Sandro Picchio
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Re: Marston- To Break or not To Break

Post by Sandro Picchio »

from your "last post" I understand you are a fair and right person. I'm sorry I don't know the english right words. Please keep posting and don't care about envyous people.

Best regards,

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Re: Marston- To Break or not To Break

Post by skyetoyman »

Non illegitum carborundum. From one islander to another.
LLS c 1961 on a crescent 42 boat c 1980 + wspcl c 1976 + 102 SD8561 c 1944 + 102 ACR 1948
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Re: Marston- To Break or not To Break


Hi Guys,

Back from holiday so feeling a bit better.

I just want the chance to say that all these happenings has nothing to do with Charles and the Marston Registry, he has been incredibly helpful with my Marston collection, I cannot thank Charles enough for his patience and advice with me asking all sorts of stupid questions and his help in aquiring any parts I need, a little dry and direct at times but very very knowledgeable on all things seagull. His dedication in the restoration of Marstons is unbelievable even to the point of getting components re-manufactured, all that effort for no profit, very rare.

I don't want to blow his trumpet too much but the present Marston world has a lot to thank him for,

Charles, my friend, Thank You.

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Re: Marston- To Break or not To Break

Post by Jan »

Hi Rene,

Good to see you back on the SOS forum.

We need each other here for finding Marston and Seagull outboards, parts and information.

Also don't forget the endless discussions about the right time period parts.

Without the forum I never found a Marston for my outboard collection.

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Re: Marston- To Break or not To Break

Post by headdownarseup »

good comment JAN

i'm going to start another post on "correct time period parts"

this should get a lot of you thinking and perhaps REALLY LOOKING.
stay tuned

welcome back RENE,nice to hear from you again (hopefully the tank will be with you soon!)

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