It is Back. Answer to Ignition Woes

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It is Back. Answer to Ignition Woes

Post by Collector Inspector »

Spitfire MultiSpark

eBay item number:
271444967035 ... 3f33617e7b

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Re: It is Back. Answer to Ignition Woes

Post by headdownarseup »

I'm not entirely convinced these would work at all on a seagull.....
How can something THAT small increase the ignition "pulse" 5 times, i just don't see it

Bottom line if your seagull ignition is on it's last legs, i dont think anything will help it, short of replacing the decrepit coil and clapped out condenser. never know

who's going to buy one to see? (not me)

Mike Killay
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Re: It is Back. Answer to Ignition Woes

Post by Mike Killay »

Back in the 1950's just using ordinary engine oil in motor cycle 2 strokes, we had lots of trouble with the plugs oiling up and fouling (16:1 mix)
One reputed dodge was to cut the HT wire, wrap the bare ends around a shirt button so as to leave a small air gap and tape the whole thing up.
Never tried it so I cannot vouch for it.
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