One for Jeremy

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One for Jeremy

Post by tambikeboy » Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:25 pm

Hopefully Jeremy will answer this one
Where has this tank come from smaller than the standard tank with nice round edges :roll:
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Re: One for Jeremy

Post by Gannet » Tue Jun 25, 2019 3:08 pm

Hi Tam,

I obviously haven't been keeping a close attention to the forum for a few days.
I have been away, playing with boats in a South Devon estuary with FV 5141 and FV2821. Attached is a photo of FV2821 - an excellent outboard.
Anyway, back to tanks. It looks rather the large radius oval tank. This oval tank is the same shape and size as the canted oval one, but used in a horizontal mode (with repositioned filler, drain and rests) on the first and early LS. The LS was probably introduced about serial number 11000. The earliest record that I have is 11408. That large radius (approx. 3/4") tank appeared to be used until about serial number 22700, when the sharper, more familiar oval tank (with approx. 7/16" rads ) was introduced.
The attached photo shows the four different tanks used on the Early Series Forty (ie F, FV, FVP, LM and LS)
Tanks. Data Sheet.jpg
From left to right, they are the small round, the canted oval, the large radius oval, and the later LS tank.

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