Winter projects

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Oyster 49
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Winter projects

Post by Oyster 49 »

I'm currently in the middle of rebuilding the top end of my Triumph speed twin to cure a leaking head gasket and pushrod tubes. Next job is to remove the gearbox cover and check the innards out before fixing another oil leak, from the kickstart shaft and gear change shaft...Then off with the clutch to replace another oil seal!

Interesting to be working on a 4-stroke again 8) However you can understand how the British bike industry lost out to the likes of honda etc.That said, you don't see many 1966 Hondas around in this condition!

Any other interesting winter projects going on?
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Re: Winter projects

Post by lakeviewlad »

Good show! The brit bikes are all mobile oil slicks... :lol: I had an ex-WD BSA M20 a few years back,great fun but the novelty wore off after a while.The sump had to be drained if it sat for any more than a week! :roll: Wish I still had it though... :cry: Good luck with the work,I know the parts are still available.
Remember,dust and dirt are the enemies of all moving parts...keep your motor clean and it will repay you!
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Re: Winter projects

Post by Jan »

Hi Oyster,

Your 1966 Triumph Speed Twin is a very nice bike and project.

Many years ago I owned a 1966 Norton Dominator 650SS cafe racer.
I've got good but mostly bad memories of the Dominator.
But it was very fast and exciting to ride.

My Winter projects are finishing the Anzani Minor project (thanks to Rick UK for the missing parts).
This Winter I must also working on the 1934 Johnson OBL-70 and British Seagull Little Forty F341and FV5090.
The F341 needs another FV lower leg but the biggest problem will be finding or repairing the 40cc cylinder head.
The long term British bike project is a 1932 BSA 350 OHV.
When it's too cold in the shed or in the onboard workshop I can work on my 3D printer project.
If this project will work maybe I can print my own plastic outboard parts.
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