The Dory Book full text link.

Talk about and buy or sell boats that are suited to Seagull outboards here

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david doyle
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The Dory Book full text link.

Post by david doyle »

Came across this link yesterday. If you want to build a boat suitable for a seagull this is a very good place to start.

One caveat, Some Dories designed for oar and sail are dangerous beasts when put under power (more then one stout fellow has found themselves thrown 20 feet over a gunnel) so for seagull use look to the boats designed for power.
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Re: The Dory Book full text link.

Post by phil »

David, the one I built was the flatiron skiff starting on page 266. It turned out to look a lot better than I expected from looking at the plans. It was built of solid wood rather than ply. White pine on English oak bronze fastened. Dory lapped side plank. The largest motor I've run it with is my ' 58 Evinrude 18 hp, the smallest a Seagull 40+.
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Re: The Dory Book full text link.

Post by happybird »

Hi - I was interested to see this link to the wonderful John Gardner's Dory Book. I built a Chaisson 10' Dory from this a few years ago, and it has been one of the most rewarding rowing boats I've ever known. The Seagull connection, however, is that I've just finished - not restoring, that would be too grand a word, but making work again - a Featherweight. I put it on the transom of the Chaisson and, with a little ballast in the bows, they make a wonderful combination. I now have the best of both worlds - I row with my Captain Culler oars with current/tide and motor with my Featherweight against - bliss - Happybird
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