Talk about and buy or sell boats that are suited to Seagull outboards here

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Re: No!

Post by Hugz »

Hence the title "NO!" :lol:
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Re: No!

Post by headdownarseup »

Here's a thought

how about marinising a car engine! (or should that be 2?)
I've seen a few river cruisers over here with some older Ford engines (i think 1100cc ohv) that are reasonably lightweight. Not stupidly fast, but i think adequate for what you'd need.

suzuki do a nice little 3 cylinder engine at 996cc with plenty of grunt in it. Might be worth a closer look 8)

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Re: No!

Post by seagull101 »

Our 17ft orkney 520 has a 30hp on it, would an outboard not be better?
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Re: No!

Post by Ozzmotorz »

What a fabulous looking boat. I was tempted to bid, but part of my family, wouldn’t be happy.
Hopefully you can find a nice pair of twins, of the same era, for the back.
Looking forward to seeing more pics, later.
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