Modified 102

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Re: Modified 102

Post by headdownarseup »

Yep, that'll be the one.
Apologies again if there was any confusion as to who wrote what back then!

Yes, a honda crank of some description, possibly one from a wallaroo (whatever that might be, some sort of scooter i'm guessing)
I do like what you've done with your century engine Gareth. I'm wondering if i can adapt a similar approach with an older 102, only without all the headwork that you've done with your engine. If i find that the 102 cylinder will take some "head work" it won't be easy to do any of this as there's very little access into the block at the best of times when it comes to brazing and machining etc.
Somebody that has a lathe with a 4 jaw chuck (i might know a fella) and some patience should be able to get most of the donkey work sorted out, the rest will be down to some ingenuity on my part. For now though i'm still trying to source the right parts to get going with the project.
One of my main interests in this was the use of a "tuned pipe" somehow adapted into a seagull without being blatantly obvious about it. Stealthy if you like, and to that end i think i've found something that after a few alterations looks like it might just work and then we'll really be cooking on gas.

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Re: Modified 102

Post by Oyster 49 »

I would hardly call modifying a crankshaft from another engine to fit a seagull “donkey work” I would call it very clever and skilled actually. As a toolmaker by trade originally myself hats off to what’s been achieved so far over in Bermuda.
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Re: Modified 102

Post by GarethJ »

Neither would I! Even if you don't do a particularly good job of it ( :oops: ) it's not what I'd call donkey work.

Jon, if you're reading this as a guest, good luck with the screaming 102. Maybe when it's all done and running, you'll let us know, I'm sure it would be interesting!
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