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Amal 2 jet visual float levels?

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:13 am
by african imp
Thanks for allowing me to join this forum, I live in Hout Bay, South Africa and have a number of British Seagull engines.

I have built up a series 102 motor from a crate of spare parts that I was given, some new parts and a refurbished Amal 2 jet carb were sourced from John at Saving Old Segulls.

He also supplied a copper float (used) and a new needle.

I fitted the needle with the gripping bars about center, there are three grooves to choose from.

The engine would not start, in fact it was totally dead, I removed the screw on cap to the float chamber and then filled the chamber with mixed petrol until the threads of the screw in top were reached, with the screw in top refitted I tried to start the motor and it ran first time.

I am assuming the fuel level was too low, so I have pressed the needle down some, the float and the petrol mix then rose, I have since run the motor and all seems well now?

Is the petrol level correct when the lower part of the screw in cap is reached?