To start things off...

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Re: To start things off...

Post by seagullbeginner »

Just thought this might be of use to some people.
Being a newbie i asked Niander to do me a video of how to start the engine.
Hopefully this will be of use to others as it was of great use to me. ... detailpage
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Re: To start things off...

Post by atoyot »

Here's a start -

1 Dome Nut
2 Cylinder
3 Air Vent
4 Fuel Cap
5 Fuel Tank
6 Spark Plug Cap
7 Spark Plug
8 High Tension Lead
9 Cylinder Head
10 Exhaust Tube Screw
11 Water Pipe
12 Exhaust Tube
13 (no reference to the drawing)
14 Prop Spring
15 Spring Washer
16 Cotter or Split Pin
17 Propellor
18 Gearbox Front Dome Screw
19 Gearbox Drain Plug
20 Gearbox
21 Water Impellor
22 Gearbox Mounting Screw (2 ea.)
23 Drive Tube
24 Engine Mount
25 Drive Shaft
26 Thumb Screw
27 Tilt Latch
28 Tiller Handle
29 Base Plate Fixing Screw
30 Magneto Base Plate
31 Throttle Lever
32 Magneto (flywheel)
33 Flywheel Cover

Some outlying items -

Throttle Cable. (not shown)
Carburettor. (not shown, side varies)
Fuel Line. (not shown, see carbeurettor)
Filters (2 ea.) (one is integral to the fuel tap/shutoff valve, the other will be on the fuel line connection to the carbeurettor)
Fuel Tap
Fuel Shut-Off Valve
Dog Clutch. (internal to the gearbox on the output shaft)
Ignition Points (Underneath Flywheel Cover)
Pinch Bolt (Often referred to when mentioning preferred depth into the water)

My manuals are in storage, so if anyone sees corrections to be made please make them. Thanks!

- Ted
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