Two 'New' Seagulls

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Two 'New' Seagulls

Post by Whammeller »

As part of a recent boat purchase, I acquired two Seagulls. Thanks to this site, I have been able to identify them as:

- 40 Featherweight (FS 392 JJ0) - described as working well when last used 2 years ago.
- Silver Century Plus Clutch Drive (WSPC 436 F2) - described as never tried in the past 5 years of ownership (!)

Having got hold of the owner's handbook, spares list and workshop manual, I've given them a preliminary external cleanup (covered in caked oil with shed detritus - mostly sawdust) and examination. Both have had external inline fuel filters fitted:


So my first question for the forum is - are these necessary ? Something has certainly gone wrong in the SC+, as all this shattered plastic came out of the fuel tank:


Second question: what might this have been and what effect does its loss have ?

I've concentrated my efforts on the SC+ so far. The flywheel turns, the sparkplug looked brand new; the gearbox oil (SAE 140, I think, for this model ?) was in good (coffee-coloured nick, with no water droplets visible) though I intend to drain this out and fill it with fresh; the carb and jets were remarkably clear of gummy deposits and the throttle cable and control moved freely after a spray of 3in1. I'm strongly tempted to fit a new inline filter, put in a pint or so of fuel and try to start her up. Views or advice, however, very gratefully received. I'm happy tinkering with old Land Rovers, but am completely a novice when it comes to Seagulls !

For the moment, the Featherweight is gong to have to wait.
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Re: Two 'New' Seagulls

Post by Keith.P »

The muck in the tank looks like varnish or it could be a resin liner added because the tank was leaking, steel fuel tank I suspect.
You should already have two fuel filters on a seagull, one on the fuel tap and one on the carburettor banjo, I have never found the need to use an extra inline filter, plus they look horrible.
Remove the tank, carb and fuel tap, clean then and soak the fuel tap in fresh fuel to expand the cork, otherwise it will just leak, once you are all clean, you should be good to go.
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