New Member with FPL1890E9 from CT USA

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New Member with FPL1890E9 from CT USA

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Hello all, thought I’d make this my first post. My Seagull outboard story began in the late 1970’s when my Dad brought home a 24’ sailboat that came with a Seagull Forty Plus Long Shaft (FPL 1890 E9). While it was under powered for its purpose, my Dad made it work. For many years he used the Seagull to get in and out of the Connecticut harbors of Milford and Black Rock on Long Island Sound. He did upgrade to a larger unknown outboard but kept the Seagull on standby. Back then I was always fascinated by its noise and smoke but didn’t take much interest in it beyond that. As the years went on, the sailboat swing keel delaminated and forced it to be stored. He put the Seagull away and didn’t have much use for it. Fortunately it was stored in a dry place but neglect and time froze the gears.

After he passed away in 2000, the sailboat sat for a few years until my sister took it and brought it back to life. She started looking into working on the Seagull by purchasing two manuals; Clymer and Seagull Service. The gearbox prevented the motor from turning and the screws were equally stuck. She soon realized how much work it would take to get it going and gave the Seagull to me in 2006. I bought some BSF spanners from the UK but didn’t know how to tackle the two very stuck gearbox cheese head screws. Knew for sure they would break off so I put the outboard aside before doing more harm than good.

Quite a few YT videos have come out since 2006 and earlier this month I got inspired to have another go at my Dad's old Seagull. Removed the power head and found the motor turned over nicely. Put a torch on the end cap screws. Got the lower screw out but the upper screw that also locks the pinion assembly broke off. It did move slightly but I unfortunately rushed it. Think I can still get out the broken section but will have to assess the rest of the housing.

The end cap came off and I found the inside was dry and corroded. Not a hint of lubricant of any kind. I'm not sure if the gears can be reused. Got the pinion gear to turn but it is still stiff. The crown gear is in a tub soaking to get the rust off and can post a picture later. The other challenge is getting the gearbox fastener out that is between the tubes. I've applied heat but it is stubborn.

Last week, two more Seagulls followed me home. A Century 100 (LLS 624 A5) and a Forty Minus (SJM 50761). Each are non-runners and have their challenges. I’ll post more on those. Looks like I'm going to have some fun.

FPL serial number.jpg
The FPL Serial Number

Gearbox internal.jpg
Gearbox Internal

Bottom end.jpg
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Forty Minus - SJM 50761
Forty Plus - FPL 1890 E9
Century 100 - LLS 624 A5
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Re: New Member with FPL1890E9 from CT USA

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Welcome aboard

What a nice read. It is always a plus in knowing the history of Old Dears.

I look forward to the end result in getting your Dad's engine on a transom making noise and blue smoke with a purpose. 8)

The ones that followed you home can, at the very least help your gearbox problem maybe.

Gently gently wins the game aye.


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