clutched gearbox and stuff for 40+

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Oyster 49
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Re: clutched gearbox and stuff for 40+

Post by Oyster 49 »

Exactly the same as a FPC I would imagine :P the larger transom bracket is a good idea with a long shaft 40, better support. Looking at the photos of the engine mounted on the boat, is the engine a little to close to. The hull?, and also a little too low? You might need to angle the engine out a bit and also raise it up an inch or two. A jubilee clip or raising clamps do that job nicely.
Adrian Dale
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Re: clutched gearbox and stuff for 40+

Post by Adrian Dale »

looking at the photo and Oysters comment, I agree that the engine is too close and definitely to deep, particularly when you take into consideration the squat with the engine running.
However with the engine positioned dead centre the keel will interfere with the water flow if you attempt to raise it . It is a point noted in some Seagull literature. Their answer was to move the engine off the centre line to give clear flow and allow the engine to be raised. The best trim will be for the engine to be vertical when the vessel is underway which means that it will slope back a few degrees with the boat on even keel at stand still.

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Re: clutched gearbox and stuff for 40+

Post by headdownarseup »

Hmm, i have a similar problem on my larger boat which i'm working through at the moment, although the stern on mine is much more rounded so not that badly affected by partial coverage from the keel. The "closeness" against the rear of the boat is a worry at times,but a wooden wedge has corrected the slope quite nicely for proper motor mounting.
Nearly there now, so should be ready for the summer.

It would be good to see how this SJP does with a clutched bottom end. You might be onto a winning combination there with a bit more "tweeking".

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Re: clutched gearbox and stuff for 40+

Post by Shearwater »

I chose for the larger transom because it was a nice one all in bronze and because I also have 102 that I can hang on it.

The propeller sits well below the keel as you can see on the older photo

Maybe I will adjust the distance to the stern after trying different positions. In the position on the photo it should push the stern a bit up and the bow a bit down. According to the theory.That would be OK because this boat is not very wide at the rear and has a tendency to sit bit low in the water. But I'm pretty much a novice in boat dynamics.
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