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Wipac Mk11 specifications?

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 2:21 pm
by Freeman22
I have a Century Plus and a Forty Plus, both with Wipac Mk11 ignitions. Problems starting the Century led me to check out the ignition, and putting a multimeter across the coils gave me a resistance of 1.4 Ohms across the primary windings, and 4.74 Kilo-Ohms across the secondary (the Forty showed readings of zero and 4.69 Kilo-Ohms). Are these acceptable readings, or, if not, what sort of values should I be looking for?

Following on from Donald A’s earlier query about those variable spark testers, I measured the spark on both engines: I get a spark over a gap of 5.4mm on the Forty Plus, but only 2mm on the Century. Even though I could get the Century to start after cleaning up the stator and all the wires, I’m inclined to think that 2mm is a little bit on the low side, so I’m working on the basis that I need to see a spark over at least 2.5mm to be sure the ignition’s OK. Does this seem reasonable?