W525A0 Lives!!!!

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W525A0 Lives!!!!

Post by Polybus »

While I've been working on one of my other Seagulls - fighting to get all the corroded components apart, I've also been working on W525A0 - A Silver Century built in January 1970.

I haven't tried to strip this one because it looked in much better condition, so I thought I might just try and massage her back into life.

I got it about a year ago from a guy who said it used to go, but he hasn't had it going on over 20 years. Just been sitting in the back of his garage gathering dust.

Pulled her over - SPARK!!! A good solid spark too.....

Starting Fluid - she kicked and died.

The Fuel tap was seized so off with that and pulled it apart, soaked it in diesel for a few days - that freed it up.

Cleaned out the fuel tank and fuel line.

Reconnected everything - pulled it - Started!!!! Runs!!! And runs pretty well I might add.

So once again good triumphs over evil!!!

W525A0 lives to fight another day - another Seagull saved from oblivion.

It's a good day :mrgreen:

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