The Seamal Carb.

December 2005, Nigel from Thames Offset has send me a couple of old spares booklets. A page caught my eye. The Amal 'Seamal' Carburettor? Bronze in colour with a rotating choke cover......

I had never seen one, but here is the page from the booklet, have you got one?

seamal3 small

The book dates from the late 1960's, it has the Wipac ign in it....

John SOS



The 'Seamal' carb. this unusual carb was supposed to have been fitted to a few motors pre about 1968. I have never come across one... Have you? love to see a pic if you have one, and see which motors and when they fitted them!




I have since learnt that British Seagull scrapped these before they were fitted to the British Seagulls, but too late the spares book had been printed. Charles Palfreeman supplied this snippet, he has managed to get the information from Arnold. Arnold even has one, that escaped the hammer!