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Re: FVs

Post by Gannet »

So, it would appear that the early F is the smallest.
Little Model 40 Brochure pg1.jpg
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Re: FVs

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2. Bruce - how is progress with FV2844/3302? Has 3302 been consigned to just bits and not worth restoring, whilst 2844 has been brought back from the dead? I hope 2844 is in fine fettle.

Sorry for the late reply mate.

All of the FVs are in boxes. I have sorted bits for a pristine gearbox to transom rebuild. Power heads are a bit of a problem as I have come across the old man type osteo problem in my bloody hands...and feet...and a moving assortment of other body bits.

It is the hands and wrists that disturb me the most.

Good days lately I endeavour doing basic "from storage maintenance" on my back rack.

I am slowly going through a decent Mallard at the moment. It is proving to be of light duty effort so far.

After that I have three complete Ferriers.

They do not require stripping down at all.

Wish me luck as I am not giving in!

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Re: FVs

Post by Horsley-Anarak »

Gannet wrote: Tue Feb 02, 2021 8:16 am So, it would appear that the early F is the smallest.Little Model 40 Brochure pg1.jpg
I like that picture, glad I polished mine to that sort of finish, they were quit blingy.

Also quite expensive https://www.in2013dollars.com/uk/inflat ... e_pct=0.03
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