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New to this board? - This may help you.

Post by charlesp »

If you're new to the Help board on this site, here is the link to the SOS Frequently Asked Questions section:

John has compiled this and fine tuned it over the years, and it answers a lot of the common questions that crop up. A glance at the rest of the site is well worth while, and the section 'ID your Seagull' will be of interest to the new owner: ... eagull.htm

Workshop manuals can be obtained through John, these are the official British Seagull publications, and they are a mine of useful information, being a compilation of a number of British Seagull service sheets.

Important. There are a number of fairly unscrupulous people out the selling pirated copies on CD or hard copy on internet auction sites. Some of the regulars on this board have reported problems, and some have reported no goods at allo arriving. These people are best avoided - and sometimes their descriptions of the models covered in their manuals are at best fanciful. The proper manual remains the best, and is reasonably priced. Contact John for more info - his details are on the main site
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Re: New to this board? - This may help you.

Post by martin42 »

hello, im a newbe, i have a 40+ gfpl and it has rusted on the shaft housing is it easy to replace or can paint it or can i get it recromed, any help thanks;
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Re: New to this board? - This may help you.

Post by Keith.P »

All depends on what kind of money you wish to spend.
You can paint, re-chrome, all the old chrome would have to go first to re-chrome, or if available a new around £50.
Or keep an eye on Fleabay for a good one.
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Re: New to this board? - This may help you.

Post by DeadeyeDick »

Gentlemen, I'm getting punch drunk scrolling through page after page of replies to the question I need an answer to, thank heavens there is a search facility to narrow it down a bit! But, every answer to the question of fuel level in a Villiers concentric (40+) bowl skirts around the problem of float level and soon seems to divert to number of mixture needle and screw being flush or a turn or two below surface of slide.

Is there a drawing anywhere of how to set the correct float level and most of all how to remove the float needle to inspect it?

Thank you.
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