Marston tank decals

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Marston tank decals


Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone could answer me this as I’m in the process of restoring a couple of tanks, I have a rough idea but it would be great if someone was more positive,

When did Marston change the tank decal from script to the flying Seagull? my OK from 1936 has script so what would the OJ from the same year have? Did any of the OA’s ever have the flying seagull decal?

Also, a big question for me as I’ve been trying to find the answer for years, what colour was the flying seagull on the Marston decal? Was it all gold or was it white/grey like the early 102 British Seagull decal. I ask this because I came across an OP/ON tank with a reasonable but rubbed Marston decal and I can see traces of white-ish, grey-ish and a hint of green-ish on the flying seagull which leads me to believe that it was never an all gold decal.

I would be grateful for any clarity on this, PM me if you don’t wish to post,
Thank You

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