Scale Of Charges.

October 27, 2005

Sorry folks, but due to John's back injury he will not be undertaking servicing for the foreseeable future.

I leave the old scale of charges on here just for information.



Service and Overhaul Charges.


To clean, service, repaint, (except for fuel tank), grease, etc., tank test and supply report.

Forty Featherweight£50

Forty Plus £55

FPC( Clutch Model)£60

Century (Non-clutch models) £65

Silver Century Plus (Long Shaft and clutch models.)£70

Model 90/110(Forward, Neutral, Reverse’ models)£85

Q.B. SERIES. (Kingfisher, Osprey and Curlew) £85


Note. If the engine is in a corroded or badly rusted condition, an extra charge will be made for ‘deep cleaning’, before work commences.£10

Replacement parts fitted and gearbox oil used are extra and will be charged for. Any large value extra work, over £30, or any extensive stripping or repairs needed, beyond normal servicing, will be verified with the owner, before proceeding.

All engines will be converted to run on 25:1 mix, if possible, as part of normal servicing, unless specifically requested otherwise, i.e. in the case of stored, standby engines.


I do request that motors are collected within a month of personal notification of completion, as storage is limited. I reserve the right to charge storage at £5 a week for those flouting this request.


John Williams. Saving Old Seagulls


In the meantime I will supply spares, manuals and advice.

John SOS


forty plus 1 small1 Typical engine after service. in this case a FP.

Below is a typical worksheet



(The more astute amongst you will notice that this is one of the very few I have had to replace a pump rotor on. The reason? The shaft had rusted so badly, I expect the engine had been left on the transom, immersed, the rust layer had burst the rotor off the shaft!)


John Williams.  Saving Old Seagulls