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 Item TitlePriceShippingTotalTime Left
BRITISH SEAGULL Outboard motor spares 100 models tilt pin security clip. New.2.990.002.99GBP2h:8m:41s
British Seagull outboard motor gearbox filler/drain plug New Pno. 40/2294.992.807.79GBP4h:17m:57s
British Seagull outboard motor choke shutter Amal QB carbs. with intake tube.10.252.7012.95GBP4h:17m:57s
5 x Vintage Poole Pottery Twintone Ice Green/Seagull C57 Cups14.993.4918.48GBP5h:19s
British Seagull Outboard Viliers 3/4" Carb Carburetor18.994.9923.98GBP5h:1m:10s
British Seagull breaker points13.002.5015.50GBP5h:21m:56s
British Seagull carburetor20.003.5023.50GBP5h:54m:47s
British Seagull Outboard Engine Water Pump and Gear box Screws6.991.998.98GBP7h:59m:7s
Seagull outboard waterpump/exhaust gasket FN 2.5: 1 models (smaller gearcase)6.992.008.99GBP8h:31s
SEAGULL outboard motor, good condition,40 plus...collection dorset!89.690.0089.69GBP8h:54m:52s
British Seagull Outboard Parts Water tube / mid section15.009.9924.99GBP9h:22m:31s
No.17 HERRING GULL - British Birds by Gallaher Ltd 19371.251.002.25GBP9h:29m:14s
#9 Franklin's Gull - Birds of the British Commonwealth 1954 Trade Card3.890.754.64GBP9h:41m:16s
British Seagull prop propeller / 5 blade14.000.0014.00GBP9h:44m:27s
British Seagull prop propeller / 5 blade14.000.0014.00GBP9h:45m:24s
British Seagull prop propeller / 4 blade19.000.0019.00GBP9h:48m:27s
British Seagull prop propeller / 5 blade14.000.0014.00GBP9h:53m:36s
British Seagull prop propeller / 4 blade16.000.0016.00GBP9h:55m:17s
British Seagull gearbox / bottom leg30.000.0030.00GBP9h:57m:
British Seagull Outboard Parts Water Tube clamp / Bracket / mounting bracket20.002.9522.95GBP9h:57m:36s

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