The links below in the text, will take you direct to a number of marine sites.

Some are obvious by their names, but I have also included some I have found that are interesting.

For instance the Canadian site is a dealer that will be able to supply you with most, if not all, spares if you live in that neck of the woods. He also has some great general interest pages on the British Seagull, and some pics and comments from his customers.

The New Zealand site is very similar; their races are done on lakes, down rapids with endurance being the word. Length of races is in excess of 50 miles!! They also show the ingenuity they have, severely modified engines on long out rigger canoe type craft, capable of 20 mph!

The vintage Outboard site turned up on my search engine and I keep sneaking back to it. Run by a boatyard in the USA, it seems to specialize in odd motors, not that ‘British Seagulls’ are at all odd, but they have featured here. The lengths they go to rebuilding as original. Included on that button are links I find to other outboard sites, the latest the Sea Bee.


 Sheridan Marine is the UK home of ‘British Seagull’. They own the copyrights and produce the spares for me and other dealers all over the world. They also continued the ‘British Seagull Club Newsletter’ for a while. I hope to reproduce all the back numbers on this site soon. They are a traditional boatyard on the upper Thames in Oxfordshire.

The Eventiders link  is a link to the owners group we have formed. Until 2003 I was the Secretaryof the old 'eventide owners assoc'. and have been heavily involved for 30 years. Sadly in Jan 2003 the old eoa was taken over by the non owning members of the committee, against the wishes of the owners and became a 'non owners' assoc. Though owners tried to stop it, at the AGM, those without boats, and their friends, out numbered the owners, so they won the day, we lost an association. A group of us have set up a new Owners Group. The Eventide Owners Group. We have a huge archive of photos and information on our boats. The site is another award winner and is over 5Gb!!!!  We have well over 1500 supporters and a very active site. The old eoa site failed. We are not surprised.

You will also find reference to this on my personal page. As an association they included all the designs, mostly home built, that have been sponsored by the Yachting Monthly magazine over the years.  The designer of four of the most popular is Maurice Griffiths G.M., A.R.I.N.A., with whom I was fortunate to have a friendship during his latter years. They sold the plans for his and the other designers that were sponsored by Y.M. There is a sailing dinghy of 13 feet and cruisers from 16 to 31 feet. All for home build.  Full details of all these can be found on the site. Sadly they have now increasing all the prices, and no longer seem to offer them for sale! We now offer them for free!

Our site caters for all of these boats, their owners and enthusiasts and also any other boats designed by the same designers.


If you have found a ‘British Seagull’ related site somewhere in the world that I can include, please let me have details, I would love to add them to the list. At the moment I know of about five places in the UK where spares and servicing is undertaken, those details will also appear on this site. (I have excluded the web site and Yahoo user group in Australia that stole my FAQ and did not give me any acknowledgement, called ‘minnows’ or something!)

Any other interesting marine site would also be considered, mail me a link.



east coast sailing

For all of us who sail the east coast, this is a great new website, managed by Colin Jarman, Garth Cooper,  Dick Holness, Roger Gasper and Co who also publish 'Sailing Today'.  highly recommended.

If you want to really impress, how about a great stick on name for the boat!

This is the firm I use.

names 4 boats header_bg 

Seagull on Shoal Waters

Locally on the River Blackwater, for as long as I can recall, I have crossed wakes with a pocket cruiser by the name of 'Shoal Waters'. Sailed expertly all those years without a motor by Charles Stock who always said hello and passed the time of day with me.  I was saddened when anchored in a quiet creek in May 2010 as he gently sailed past when he told us why he was faffing abut the night before, not far away from us, he was trying, and failing, to get his anchor up and that morning we were the first to hear he had made the decision to swallow the anchor.  Why all this on the SOS website?  Well Charles sold 'Shoal Waters' to Tony Smith, who now keeps her on a half tide mooring nearby and, has fitted a SEAGULL!  Tony has a website and has already followed Charles by publishing a book!  Go here to have a read!


UK Dealers

US Dealers

Swedish Dealer

Canadian Dealers

New Zealand Dealers

Dealer in Greece. (sorry no web site details, thanks to Filippos for this.)

A. Vlachopoulou

34 Esperiodon St.



Tele +956 9444

Stuart Turner spares.

I have a new e-mail address for the new Stuart dealer, Marlex.

This may help if you are looking for parts...

Simply Skiffs

Simply Skiffs rowboat    Simply skiffs pram

Hamish can supply simple little wooden rowing boats that are the perfect choice for lake, pond, river or canal.  He takes pride in building, delivering and launching each boat himself. He offers a wide range of finishes and specifications, so his boats can be tailored to each customers requirements. He also keeps a range of boats ready for immediate delivery. Their Simplicity allows him to offer excellent value. If you would like a pretty, traditional wooden dinghy sitting on your lake or pond he can provide the solution.

Click here to go to 'Simply skiffs'.





Racing British Seagulls??


Click the picture to go to the Careys Bay web site - they do mad things with British Seagulls

See also:-

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More madness with British Seagulls - click on any of the pictures above. (Don't forget to come back!)

The National Motorboat Museum. Pitsea, Essex.

vistor map

RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute)

The British Seagull Shop, Victoria Canada (Very entertaining)

RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Link deleted, no longer considered of use. More concerned with racing again.

RYA - Cruising News Link deleted, cruising section gone.

The Cruising Association. this organisation caters for all who 'cruise' power or sail.

Essex Police Marine Section

Shanties and Sea Songs

banner bbcweather

Baconsdozen. Click the name to go to a supplier of Whitworth tools in Suffolk UK.

Boat launching sites around Britain.

British Tools in the USA - Your hardware store for the finest hand tools, service tools,reproduction tool kits & literature made. Established 1979

whitewave logo

 On the left is the logo for my daughter Jenny and her husband Dave's website. They organise treks, to the Andes, Sahara. Amazon, China, you name it they will do it. 

They also produce a stunning range of very different jewellery. Have a peek!





 shellys hotel

Winner of hotel of the year in 2004!

Click the picture

Great Hotel to stay at in Lynmouth Devon, run by friends Richard and Jane.


Click the LOGO

Wolverhampton Museum and the The Villiers Engineering Co. Ltd.

In the 1890s John Marston's Sunbeam bicycles became extremely successful. From the start they had relied on high quality of production and finish. But John Marston was dissatisfied with the pedals on his machines, which he bought in ......................

A fascinating history of the Villiers Company and others in the area, including Sunbeam


logo.jpg (4352 bytes)

Click the LOGO

 For unusual Villiers parts try George in the Braintree area of Essex.

Tele 01376 326577.


He has all manner of spares for Villiers Engines and carbs.


Villiers Coils If you are having a problem with a Villiers coil and it needs rewinding try these people. I am told they will do it for a reasonable sum, you just have to get the old coil off first!

There is also a Ted Salmon in Burnham on Crouch, Essex. I have not used his services but he is highly spoken of he rewinds all sorts of coils, including the Villiers ones. 

  phone number,  01621 784141


logo 1



Click the logo

Many contributors have had some difficulty finding particular oils and lubricants. This company has been recommended by Bob Harper. Among one of the oils they stock is EP140 - know by them as AG 140 (used in some British Seagull gearboxes and now rather difficult to get)


This from Kevin Cornmell for all those trying to find the ever elusive EP 140 oil for some British Seagull outboard gearboxes I got 4 litres of Millers EP140 gear oil from the above address delivered VAT P&P for £14, RESULT!

They also sell 1 litre bottles a little more than I sell at, but their postage is cheaper, they have a deal with a courier firm!


If you have a problem Penrite also sell 140 grade oil!



2010, Having used this tide program for a 4 years now, I have just renewed it for a further 2. It is possible to use it both at home and print out the tidal graphs for the time you are away, or if you have a laptop on board, as I have now, it can just be used when and where you want it. I had used the 'SHM' from the Admiralty, then a very similar program to the Belfield program, but the old one would not work with Windows XP, thus the change to this one. I have a sneaky suspicion this program owes a lot to the Softwave program I used to be able to run, however I do not miss the old version, as this is much easier to use and has more information on hand.

No more trying to grapple with those secondary ports! I used to teach simple methods of doing that, but this is even simpler, it has all those secondary ports on it! I have found it accurate to about 10 minutes and 10cm.

The CD is easy to install and update. Click here to go direct to the Belfield site, where you can purchase on line!



Looking for a service or dealer in the Marine trade, try here.

The Marine Directory by


They have over 24,000 Listings with 400+ Products and Services Categories and 260 Geographic Locations Including - Yacht Charter, Sailing Schools, Marine Surveyors, Boat Insurance, Yacht Brokers


Click the pic above for a link to the East Coast Pilot website. 

Updates for your edition of Dick Holness's, Garth Cooper's and Colin Jarman's Pilot of the East Coast.

Welcome to the Small Boat Club" Your friendly online boat club"

Above is a link to the 'small boat club'. 

A group of small boat enthusiasts from all corners of the world.


layout page head blue


For boats, outboards and equipment in Scotland!


General boating website with loads of links!