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August 2023  Sadly Seagull main agents have increased some prices again.  I will try to amend these pages asap!


Celebrating over 29 years service to Seagull owners,

Sept 1994 to 2023.

(And another 10 years unofficially before that!)

You are looking at one of the first ever websites, started 1992!

Boy how we have grown since then....

See John and his boat in January 2019 Classic Boat magazine!



Please read before continuing!

John was away on a long sailing trip in 2018.

Bucket list job!

To read the log of his voyage from June to August, 2018,

in his home built boat, 'Fiddlers Green',  click here.


Please take time to read the FAQ page before contacting me for advice, I spend so much time answering queries now when the answers are already available on my FAQ page, it is getting to be a problem, as it slows down the spares service.

Try our eBay search page here.

But check prices of spares against my prices, bet I am cheaper!

I do not sell Seagull bits on EBay,  BUT I have just about every part here and cheaper than most!

mail me on with a wish list and I will give you prices.

Copy and paste this mail address into your email.

Dear John!

Your support for my recovery of LS 11510 made the success possible!
Now there is a humble documentation on Youtube

Thanks again
Gunnar Eriksson

Dear John
Many years ago I decided to make a short film publicly funded by the Queensland Government in Australia. It was based loosely on my relationship with my father and our old seagull outboard motor. We had looked at your site many times together and I always meant to send you a copy. Instead, I've now put it online and I'm sure you'll love to embed it on your website for your followers.

For those that miss the sound of the gulls...
You can click this one to start them off !

Sorry may not be working at the moment, enticing them back shortly! More bread needed...

More new info and pics. Especially good are the old adverts and leaflets... Look on the new Marston Page, the News Page.  Loads more added see the History Pages, Gallery Page and Nostalgia Page!!  Also now motors and new items, the cover, stainless nuts and bolts, tank straps etc For Sale Page.

British Seagull

For Spares and parts go to my Spares page.

To see any motors for sale please go to the For Sale Page. (Do not have many good Seagulls to sell these days.)


'Forum Pages' The forum has now been up and running for several years. Not new anymore, but going well, and we are keeping the spammers at bay! First you simply have to register, You will need to mail me to get the password... Then by clicking on the button with a tick in it, marked 'Register', then you choose a name and password, leave a mail address and then it is verified, so no spammers are going to get their nasty web sites listed! If I can do it so can all of you I'm sure.   We have saved all the years of comments and queries to a database that you can search, so all that valuable info is not lost! It was the largest source of British Seagull information and discussion on the net, and very useful to many, but do look at the 'FAQ' page as well!

I was at Beale Park Boat show a few years back, a guest on 'Classic Boats' stand. Pleased to meet so many customers there! Bit of a one off that, I do not do shows or fairs normally! I also am featured on 'Home and Leisure' and 'Discovery' Channel, the 'Getting Afloat' sailing program. It was filmed 19 years ago and is shown repeatedly, so watch out for it if you can view Discovery. It was on yet again 2013!

There is also a 'Podcast', you can hear it on I warn you it is an hour long!!

As you can see, if you browse the site, there is a lot of historical and nostalgic information in these pages, as well as the more practical items. If you find a detail is not correct, I would be obliged if you could let me know. I have sourced information from former workers, directors, designers, dealers and other enthusiasts. I hope that this site will be a resource for British Seagull owners and nostalgic boating people worldwide. I try to print everything I find out, and so thanks to all of you who send in information I have missed!

As I work from a remote corner of Essex, the majority of my customers deal with me by post. I find it easier to chat to you to figure out your problem, and decide which part you need. You can e-mail me, but a telephone chat can often resolve things quicker.

sos sticker and logo 


'Items for sale' here I place engines for sale, fresh from the workshop! However I am so busy selling British Seagull Parts these days, I no longer have time to get British Seagulls refurbished for sale!

Have a peek at the 'Marston' pages and don't forget to hit the 'Nostalgia' link, for the latest advert downloads.

Racing buffs look out for more info on the races, see 'Racing Pages' link.


I can supply almost every part from stock, (see the British Seagull Parts Pages), and have also got stocks of useable second hand parts, especially the parts that are no longer available. To this end I am always on the look out for dead motors, to add to my stock.
Mail me at with a wish list of parts and I will give prices.

Beware, Beware, Beware, E-Bay Bargains!!

OK there are some real nice bargains to be had on the Bay, but there are also some really unscrupulous individuals out there that are selling British Seagull parts, at inflated prices and often not new!

A used Drive spring for £5.00!!! What!! New, 2023 they are now £5.00!  In 2011, a new spring was seen, 'buy it now' price of £10.00! Three time the price at the time! I have also seen postage prices of over £5.00!! For 1 spring!!  Gearbox plugs selling at the 'bargain price' of £5.00, new, 2017 they have just nearly doubled in price, but today 2023 are still just £4.75!!  40 Head gaskets, £12.99 + £3.00 (2021 my prices £9.25+ £1.60).  A filler cap, £22!  Real price £18.75, and I can often do used ones with new cap washers for £10.00!  P&P £4.00....

The best one was the statement from a seller in Oxfordshire, that British Seagull oil has to be non-EP, and more or less slating 'other websites' for selling EP oil, quoting the oft misquoted reason of the additives eating bronze bearings. What total cods!! If he cared enough to research, he would realise it was only a problem in hot oil applications... Ever seen a British Seagull gearbox that was not super water cooled! British Seagull did their homework, they knew.....

British Seagull ep 90 small

Above is a picture of a genuine British Seagull bottle from my museum, yes it does read EP 90..

Sadly I did not keep the old EP140 tin can.

I suspect the chap selling on EBay has just got a load of 140 to get rid of, but hang on, he is selling it for £9.99 for 500ml instead of my £6.00 for a Litre!! You can use either, but mine is so much cheaper!  Wow that makes his over 3 times the price of mine......

Sadly he cannot even spell Villiers,  British Seagull enthusiast?  If anyone actually wants an old Villiers flywheel I have dozens, you can have one for free! Just pay the post... Not for his extortionate £14.99 plus post!!!

You have been warned, ring me for a price first! Compare prices, I promise not to fleece you. Bet I'm always cheaper and the springs will be new, as are most of my parts. Of course where I cannot any longer get new spares, I often have used available, castings etc. Used parts will be considerably cheaper of course, approx. half the price of a new part, when they were last available!

I do feel sorry for those who get stung this way... there seems to be more and more unscrupulous people out there. E-Bay simply say 'buyer beware'... You have been warned. Why get fleeced!???


To see what John got up to for 2 months  during summer 2013 you can read his trip log here

In 2018 John  completed the circumnavigation, to read the log click here.


If I am not answering the phone, this might give you a clue to where I might be!

pict4027 small

'Fiddler's Green', our home built Eventide.

John Williams.

Saving Old Seagulls

'PayPal' Accepted

( you do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card using it!)

What is PayPal?

With PayPal I can also accept all credit cards, not over the phone, but via a link I can send you by e-mail, which makes it so much easier for all my overseas customers.

Postal conditions for overseas customers.


For overseas postage to destinations other than some of the EU, Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries where the postal services have an excellent reputation, I now insist on tracked postage, at extra expense, and take no responsibility for non arrival of parts.  I will supply tracking details and customers must trace and seek their own compensation if a parcel fails to arrive.  This unhappy situation has been forced on me because a customer claimed he failed to receive a parcel in South Africa and claimed his money back from PayPal, even though I had proof of posting etc.  I cannot afford to send spares for free.

April 2024 UK post prices increasing, again!


Did you know?

Have a browse through the pages, you might get a few surprises, as Barry my web designer had a bit of a wicked sense of humour, so I cannot be certain that any seagull image you find, might take you to something odd…




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