Engines Repaired or reconditioned.

Want to buy a¬†reconditioned British Seagull?¬† Need a Seagull Serviced? 


Leeds Marine can look after your Seagull if you are up that way

Contact Steven at :-


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Sadly I cannot recommend the Essex guy anymore, he has priced himself out of the Seagull servicing, who is going to pay over £500?!??


This is an example of his work.  He was recently commissioned to restore a very tired looking Silver Century. This was the result.  However the cost was astronomical.


Simon Dunn Seagull servicing example     Seagull servicing by Simon     Seagull and mobile service van     Close up of refurbished Seagull 

   Silver Century with polished tank     Gleaming silver century Plus     Other side of reconditioned silver Century

I think you get the idea!


Today there are very few service engineers who are willing to touch Seagulls, partly because of the problems getting them apart after 40 years in salt, and partly because no one is willing to pay their charges for a motor that is only valued at £80 or so.  To this end I encourage owners to do it themselves.  I can supply the parts and through the website pages, lots of help.